No website design or internet marketing articles for Friday, because I had plans to pick up a mother cat and her kittens to babysit for a little while.

Here are the pictures, because if there’s one thing the internet doesn’t have enough of yet, it’s cats!

Sorry about iPhone-level image quality, but it’s all I’ve got to work with right now.

Kittens in cat carrier
The kittens enjoying their makeshift home in the cat carrier.
Kittens sleeping in group
They sleep on top of each other in a mass of cuteness all day.
White kitten crawling.
This is the friendliest, more aware one so far. She loves crawling on humans.
Cats and kitten nursing in carrier
Here’s mom and babies nursing. They hated the carrier on the drive home, but have made it their kitten nest.
Cat on desk
Mom keeps a close eye on them from every perch she can find. If it’s near a window, so much the better.
Mother cat on bookshelf
And here she is picking out which book she’s going to read while the kittens sleep.
Cat face in camera
And finally, here she is disturbing my writing process, which is her second-favorite activity after nursing kittens.