AdWords Fundamentals Revision Guide Phone/Tablet App Review

I guess it’s that time again. Time to renew my Google AdWords certifications. Although I’ve put together a couple of popular study guides for the exams, one problem with them is that I need to navigate to the webpage in order to read the guide.

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Wouldn’t it be so much easier if I could review AdWords prep material on my phone? Maybe even take some practice exams while sitting in the car waiting for a train or waiting for an oil change?

Well, Singing Horse Studio has recently developed and released a smartphone/tablet app for just that purpose. Named the AdWords Fundamentals Revision Guide, it comes in very handy for on-the-go studying. It comes with 10 questions for free, with additional packs of 50 questions available for purchase.

The questions in the guide are all multiple choice, as in the real AdWords exam, and each question has references to the section of the official Google study documents that the question came from. Whether you got a question right or wrong, you can easily find the context of the answer.

Downloading the additional question packs are essential, though. Ten questions for the free “lite” version just aren’t enough to use as a study guide. Thankfully, the cost for each pack of questions is very little.

By randomizing 10-20 questions, studying for the exam becomes a lot easier and can be done almost anywhere in small portions. Think you’re ready for the entire exam? Then go through all 110 questions (or 60 if you’ve downloaded just one pack of questions).

Even better, the app will track your progress over time on the questions, showing you in clear terms whether you are getting better or not. On one screen, you can view your progress over your last 10 attempts to see how close you are getting to that magical 85% passing score.

Some of these questions are tough, too, more difficult than I remember the actual exam being. This is really the hallmark of a well-designed study guide. The practice exam should always be more difficult than the real one so you have the best chance to pass it. Real exams are more stressful than practice ones, so the study guide quizzes need to make up for that with more difficult questions.

No question, you should download this app if you’re studying for the Google AdWords Fundamentals Exam. Try out the first 10 questions on it for free, and if you’ve learned anything from them, then get at least one of the additional packs of 50 questions.

Should this be your only study material for the exam? Probably not. Read the official study guide from Google, read a few books and study guides, and download this app for review once you’re closer to the exam. Then go through questions in small chunks until your AdWords knowledge feels rock solid, and take the full 60-110 question exam on your phone/tablet as a “final review” of sorts.

Singing Horse Studio’s AdWords Fundamentals Revision Guide should be part of your AdWords study toolkit going forward. Hopefully, they will come out with apps for the Advanced Search and Advanced Display exams in the future, but the current app should help far more people pass their AdWords exam.

By providing a portable Q&A app focusing on the exam, they’ve filled one of the huge gaps in the current knowledge base of AdWords. After using it periodically for several weeks now, my knowledge of AdWords has markedly increased.

You can visit the Singing Horse Studio website directly, follow them on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

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