Backlink Beast with LinkPipeline Review

In early April 2013, Matt Callen came out with his brand new automated “Tier 2” linking program, Backlink Beast. About a day after it was released, I decided to give it a try, and purchased the lifetime license of the program. So after nearly two months of giving the program a try, what do I think of it?

backlinkbeast-linkpipelineBackLink Beast

Actually, not much. It’s a nice little tool that functions well enough, although the submission process is a little slow. To submit a social bookmark to 25 websites, it can take the system well over ten or fifteen minutes to finish, including entering Captchas. It is usually around the last couple of submissions that the program really seems to get hung up and won’t progress. For instance, just in today’s submission to 25 social bookmarks, the log says the process began at 1:08 PM ET, and ended at 1:23 PM ET, over fifteen minutes later.

This is especially frustrating, when submitting a handful of links turns into a ten minute project, and one-quarter to one-half of the submissions fail anyway. I’ve experienced failure rates of 20-of-25 submissions that still took fifteen minutes to complete. The submission I did today that took fifteen minutes also had 9 failed sites out of the 25 total, a 36% failure rate. And this is a rate I’m fairly happy with, considering previous experiences with 75-80% failure rates.

Backlink Beast Success

For the submission process to be worth recommending, one of two things needs to happen. First, the program should give up on these websites far more quickly than ten minutes of waiting. Second, these websites should be checked more often and simply deleted from the system entirely, as nonfunctioning websites do not need to be included in it to begin with.

Thankfully, it is fairly easy to submit a piece of content – far easier than in Magic Submitter, for instance, and Backlink Beast provides a nice alternative to the more high-powered link-building programs available. Pasting in spun content is easy, as is previewing the final output to determine if there are any mistakes made.

The system includes a large number of websites in a number of different categories. There are 13 PDF Sharing sites, 1,024 Social Bookmarking sites, 42 Social Networks, 1,709 Web 2.0 Article sites, and 583 Wiki sites. That is a large number of sites to register for, so be ready to do some Captcha inputting or use the program’s built-in support for Decaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, or ExpertDecoders accounts.

Backlink Beast also has support for proxies and various thread, retry, timeout, and delay verification settings. Some of these could be used to mitigate the long submission processes, but greater support on the back end to remove websites from the database is really needed to provide users with a consistent experience.

Tiered linking is available through the system and can be set up relatively easily once you know the proper format for doing so. Support videos are featured on the Backlink Beast members website which explain how to do this in detail. I use Magic Submitter for this type of linking, so did not utilize is much in Backlink Beast.

LinkPipeline Integration & Performance

One of the more intriguing aspects of the system is that is integrates outputted links with LinkPipeline, another of Callen’s projects. LinkPipeline is a link indexing service. My experience with it has been negative, with all of the links in my account being mysteriously deleted twice, due to a “database server crash.” It happened once 12 days after I purchased Backlink Beast, and once in October 2012, my first trial of LinkPipeline.

Furthermore, the integration in Backlink Beast ceased to function. I could no longer one-click submit all of my links in a URL list to my LinkPipeline account. This seemed to happen after an update to the program, and uninstalling-reinstalling did not fix the problem. It was not long before I canceled the LinkPipeline account and will not be going back for a third try at it. The idea of the service is good, but the execution is lacking after having all of my links deleted twice in a three-month period.

The system could be designed and updated far better than it is, but Callen seems more intent on releasing a new marketing product every month than continuing to give Backlink Beast more than cursory support. This is a very difficult program to recommend for anyone but the most casual link-building effort.

If it integrated well with LinkPipeline, it may be worth purchasing as a lite version of Magic Submitter, but that functionality seemed to break soon after I purchased it (perhaps it’s been fixed since I canceled my LinkPipeline membership, but I’m not willing to be fooled again). Your mileage may vary with either or both of these services, but it seems like it was just another product-offer-of-the-month, rather than a long-term, fully-supported effort to bring value to internet marketers.

[So you’ve read my review and still want to give the software a try as a Tier 2 linking program, with LinkPipeline as your indexing service. Where can you pick up a copy of each? Thankfully, BackLinkBeast is a relatively inexpensive product, which you can pick up right here. And you can subscribe to the LinkPipeline system right here.]